Top Tips For Traveling On A Budget

Traveling broadens your horizons, I love to travel and I believe at can be a bit addictive. Going new places, meeting interesting people and trying amazing local food will. Facing new adventures and overcoming different obstacles will definitely change you and make you grow. But some people still think traveling is expensive. It is not, but you have to know a few tips and tricks on where to save and how to save money in your everyday life. You can have a wonderful vacation without breaking the bank.

#1 Purchase ahead of time

It always costs less if you purchase plane tickets ahead of your time of travel. The best time to book your ticket is three to one month before traveling. It is never a good time to book your flight less than a month before traveling because the prices usually always skyrocket high.

#2 Be flexible

Be flexible. The best case scenario is to have no particular destination and date for traveling in mind. If you can be flexible with your destination and date, you can flight for very cheap prices. I flew for Euro breaks for as little as €21 return ticket. Have in mind that flying on the weekend will usually cost you more than traveling during the week.

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#3 Search and compare

Use multiple search engines. I love using Skyscanner, Kiwi, and Azair because you can select the cheapest months and leave the destination blank. It will also show you the cheapest prices per different days. The first search engine is more user-friendly and the second one has more accurate prices and includes more low-cost airlines.

#4 Saving on Accommodation

The same rule as to searching for cheap flights applies to accommodation. Try to look for multiple websites. I like to compare different websites but I usually choose accommodation via and Tripadvisor. You can also stay with locals through Airbnb. If you want to get €22 ($24) discount for your first Airbnb stay go here. Be careful when booking your stay and always check the cancellation policy as well as the final price. Some hotels charge local fees and taxes extra. Also traveling with someone and sharing a room is cheaper than if you travel solo.

#5 Pack light

For short trips, I always travel with a carry-on. You don’t need more for a trip that is shorter than a week. If you are traveling in winter, wear your bulkiest items and pack the rest. Also always check the carry-on allowance and dimension before you book your flight. Some budget airlines will only allow you to have one personal item and let you pay for standard carry-on. Some of them are more generous, like Ryanair, that will let you have a personal item as well as a carry-on and they usually don’t charge you if you go a little over the size limit. Or at least I never had a problem with them.


#6 Sign up for loyalty programs and newsletters

Sometimes it is good to sign up for loyalty programs if you travel with one carrier more often. They will give you better prices, priority boarding and extra luggage for free (or cheaper). With larger companies, you can count miles and get special discounts. It is always good to sign-up for loyalty program if you travel longer distances (overseas) – more miles better discounts.

Signing up for a newsletter is also a good idea, you will get special offers first and won’t be disappointed later when the discount is gone.

What are your tips on traveling on budget and saving money on traveling?


Top Tips For Traveling On a Budget



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  • These are good times. Someone who travels often knows them, but always a good reminder.
    I also prefer to look for alternative modes of transport and/ or break the trip and include a layover.