The Best Travel Apps That You’ll Actually Use

There are about a zillion travel apps out there. It might get very confusing to choose the ones that will actually help you to make your trip better.

Here are my favourite apps that I use and love using every time I travel or simply for planning my journey in advance. The list is in no particular order.

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One of my favourite apps for finding new restaurants and pubs. It is very similar to Yelp but I like Foursquare better. The app is very easy to use, you can check in, write and read reviews and see whether your friends has been to the place you are visiting and whether they liked it.


Find and book your ideal train, bus or flight across Europe in one easy search. GoEuro will compare individual transports and companies your chosen route. The same route can be as much as twice more expensive with a different company so GoEuro will help you to find the cheapest or fastest way to get to your destination.



I don’t think there is any need to introduce Uber. Ridesharing app that is fast and reliable. And works in most big cities!



I love Expedia for comparing prices for different deals. You can book your hotels, flights, find car rental or bundle deals.



Airbnb is everyone’s favourite platform for listing and renting private places around the world. Newly you can also enjoy experiences such as city walks or food tasting with the locals or read city guides.

There is a lot of apps for booking hotels but I find the to be the best of them. It is very easy to use, has great filtering options and I always find the best deals there.


400x400bb-3Sygic Travel

Sygic Travel is a trip planner with offline maps and personalised journey. I am totally in love with this app and I use it every time I travel. You can choose from numerous of personalised trips according to your needs and/or travel days. It is easy to also create and edit your own journey. The app has offline maps so you can use it anywhere. It features everything you need from historical sights, to hotels, to places to eat at and even a public transport stops.



Moovit is an app with public transport timetables and journey planners across more than 1200 cities.



I started using Tripit pretty recently but already love it. The app instantly organises all your travel plans in one place. You can connect it to your email inbox and calendar. The app will simply download all your flight tickets, hotel bookings and other tickets you have purchased for your journey. It also tracks flight routes and will notify you if there is any delay.



Hopper is very cool (and cute) app that will predict the future price of flights and tells you when to buy. You will put in your desired flight route and dates and the app will notify you when the right time to buy a tickets comes.



I love using TripAdvisor for checking on hotel and restaurant reviews. It’s a great community of travellers that will help you with your travel questions and trip plans. You can also use it for booking your hotels, flights, and restaurants.


hotel tonightHotel Tonight

HotelTonight is great for last minute hotel booking. Maybe your other accommodation didn’t work out the way you wanted to. HotelTonight makes it easy and fast to find you the best deal. It works in over 35 countries.



Roadtrippers, as its name suggests, is perfect for planning a road trip. It will calculate the best route for you, counting the mileage and time spent driving. You can also add hotels, outdoor activities, points of interest and more to your trip.



AirHelp is very useful for getting you compensation when your flight gets delayed or cancelled. EU and U.S. laws protect airline passengers, giving them the right to compensation for travel disruptions. AirHelp will simply help you to get your compensation with amazing customers support.


With Tripsget you can easily plan the expenses for your next trip based on your own travel preferences and habits! The app will count for your the average spendings according to your preferences on food, accommodation, sightseeing, travelling and nightlife.

Rentalcars is a great app that will let you find, compare and book a car from various car rental places all over the world. With an insurance coverage included.

What is your favourite travel app? Do you like some of these that I enjoy? Let me know in the comments below!

The Best Travel Apps That You'll Actually Use

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