Montpellier, a French gem

When I was booking my hotel in Montpellier, I didn’t know much about this place. The reason I chose it wasn’t because someone would recommend it to me or I would read reviews about how spectacular this place is. I picked Montpellier quite randomly. You see there was a flash sale from Volotea airlines offering one-way tickets for only €5. I booked a flight to Marseille and return tickets for four days later from Toulouse. Montpellier was a great middle point between those cities. And it was the best choice I could make.

Arriving in Marseille, I was quite happy we decided not to stay there for longer than needed few hours between our flight and two-hour bus journey to Montpellier. I wasn’t impressed with Marseille, the city was dirty and felt sketchy.

Montpellier was another story, it looks like a smaller, cuter version of Paris with palm trees. The city has everything. From beautiful architecture, nice weather, good public transport, is close to beaches and has chilled and young atmosphere. Everything in the city center is in a walkable distance. You can spend a whole day exploring the city and still have time to sit and relax in one the local outdoor cafes and restaurants.

If you have the chance, definitely go and explore this gorgeous southern France city. You won’t regret any minute spent there.

Montpellier, a French gem!

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