The Liebster Award 2017!

I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award 2017, what a great news! My blog is less than 6 months old and this is my second award nomination after the Versatile Blog Award back in March. I can’t be more excited! I want to thank the amazing Lina from She Likes Travel for nominating me. Go and check her blog out, she has been on some great adventures.

Blogs That Inspire Me

What inspired me to start a travel blog? Not only my love for traveling but also a few blogs that I really admire and love. I have been reading a lot of travel blogs, but if I have to choose one that really inspires me by the content and photography, then it would be The Department of Wandering. Rachel writes not only about her journeys, but also about her expat life in Berlin, freelancing and blogging tips. If I feel stuck I always like to return to her blog for some tips and advice.

10 Random Facts About Me

Part of the nomination (but optional) is to provide 10 random facts about me. Some of them I already shared in the Versatile Blog Award post. Here is more I could think of:

1. I love all kinds of food dips. I could eat guacamole or hummus every day!
2. Dogs! I am a huge dog lover. I wish I could have a large garden for at least ten dogs in the future 🙂
3. I love planning my trips. From booking a hotel to buying a plane ticket and looking up places to see.
4. I have an education in interior design and I love architecture.
5. I hate raisins but like grapes 😀
6. I am a bit of geek. I like technical stuff, how things work and learning new programs.
7. Taking a subway/metro in a foreign city excites me. The stations usually feel like a little city within a city.
8. I enjoy packing up things for my trip (but I don’t like unpacking).
9. I don’t buy souvenirs, never did. My souvenir is my memories and pictures I’ve taken.
10. Socks! I always get cold feet on a plane or bus so I have to have a spare sock with me 🙂

My 10 Questions Answered

1. Where were you born and where did you grow up?

I was born in Prague and I also grew up here. This is also where I lived for the most of my life expect for almost three years of living in London.

2. What is your must-have travel item?

I have to say my phone and my camera and wouldn’t travel without these two. I need my phone for all of my travel apps and maps and of course a camera to document my travels.

3. What luxuries did you forego in order to save for your travels?

I cut down on shopping for clothes a lot. In the past, I used to spend a lot on fast fashion but I don’t anymore. I barely buy anything if I visit a shopping mall nowadays and try to buy only things I need or invest into quality items instead. Mostly I cut down on buying coffee ‘to go’ which I would spend a lot of money on before. You can read my tips on How to Save Money for Traveling.

4. What is the most overrated destination and why?

Every city has something to offer and anyone can find a beauty of that destination. I can not say I have been disappointed in any city because I don’t usually have exaggerated expectations of it before going there. Lately, I was disappointed with London. When I lived there the city had a different vibe that I don’t feel there nowadays.

5. What are your favorite reads about travel? Books? Blogs? Magazines?

Other than reading other travel blogs, I have a whole post on Books That Will Inspire You to Travel.

6. What do you struggle with the most when traveling? Language? Public transportation?

I don’t feel like I struggle with anything, to be honest. I love traveling and everything it brings, like language barriers and using public transport. To be said, I never know if your ticket is valid for only one journey or you can change for connecting metro/bus/tram with that given ticket. Or how many times to mark it. There is no guide for that! 😀

7. What unattainable/hard to reach travel destination do you dream about?

I wouldn’t say there is any hard to reach the destination for me. Mostly some destinations are hard to reach money wise. I would love to go to Australia and New Zealand but it’s still very pricey.

8. If you could have a dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be, why and, most importantly, where?

Hmm, that is a hard question. There are so many people, but if I have to choose I would love to have a dinner with Vaclav Havel, a Czech writer, and philosopher and mostly the first president of the Czech Republic (and also the last president of Czechoslovakia). He was a true representant of the Czech people and a major figure in the Czech history. And where? At the Prague’s Castle obviously, there isn’t any better place for such an occasion. 🙂

9. What is the best meal you’ve ever had while traveling?

Hands down, all the food in France is so amazing. It doesn’t matter which meal, all the food was just so tasty and great!

10. What piece of advice would you give to new travel blogger starting out? Preach!

Definitely be yourself. You should write about what you love, be authentic, try to take nice photos because the visuals really matter. Here are my tips on how to start blogging. Also, join Facebook travel groups that are full of great people ready to help you. And don’t give up if the things don’t go as smoothly in the beginning.

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My Nominees

Here are the blogs I feel deserve the nomination:

Jin from Contradiction of Sorts

Serena from Lost by Luna

Greg from The Vienna Blog

Jordan from Inspired by Maps

If you are nominated I contacted you by e-mail. Also here are the official Liebster Award rules.

Here are my 10 questions

1. What was the inspiration for your blog?
2. What is the greatest piece of advice you have been given about blogging?
3. What is a favorite, unique travel experience? Did you plan it, or did it just happen?
4. What has been your most hilarious/comedic travel experience?
5. Which activity/place is number one on your bucket list?
6. What are few of your travel tips to save money?
7. What is your favorite inspirational quote/quotes?
8. How much of your time is spent on writing new posts, versus promotion on social media?
9. What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done?
10. What’s next on your bucket list?

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