How To Save Money For Traveling

A lot of travelers or people that simply travel a lot get this question: “How can you afford it?”. The answer is simple. You have to know few tricks on how to get cheap flights and hotel deals and you also have to put traveling as your priority when it comes to expenses. Here are some tips on how to save money so you can travel more.

#1 Cut Down On You Expences

Coffee and takeaway food might be one of your biggest expenses. You can save a lot of money just by bringing your own coffee and food to work. For example, a cup of coffee a day is around €3.00. If you buy takeaway coffee every day of your workweek, it’s €15 a week, €300 a month. For this amount of money, you can buy a nice Euro weekend including your flight ticket and accommodation.

Go through your monthly bills and try to lower them as much as possible. If you get back a lot of money from a yearly revision of your utilities, call the company and try to lower your monthly fee. You can also cut down on your phone bills if you don’t need as much minutes/data that is on your current plan.

Major money saving can be also done on impulse shopping. Try to avoid shopping online or spending a lot of money on clothing or cosmetics you will never wear/use. Unsubscribe from newsletters with offers that might be tempting to click on and shop.


#2 Cancel Your Memberships

Look at all your monthly memberships and see where you can save more money. Do you need the monthly gym membership if you only go once a week? If you want to exercise more and the city you live in is bike friendly, try riding a bike to work. It is not only cheap but also very good for the planet.

The same thing goes for all your other subscriptions. Re-thing if you really need your Netflix membership or Spotify.

#3 Join Loyalty Programs

If you tend to return to shop at certain stores, ask them for their loyalty program. These can include special discounts, cashback programs or another type of deals. Usually, they have special offers just for their loyal customers.

A lot of hotels and booking sites have loyalty programs as well. You can join these by signing up or by completing a certain amount of stays at their place or hotel chain.

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#4 Shop Through Cashback Programs

There is a lot of loyalty programs that will give you money back from shopping through them.

You can choose from a lot of sites like TopCashback, Ebates, etc..

The one I like to use is Honey. It is a browser extension that will automatically find discount coupons to use at the checkout while shopping online.


#5 Sell Your Stuff

Selling your stuff will not only get you the needed extra cash but will also let you get free of the clutter you have at your home. Try selling your stuff on eBay, Poshmark, or by joining some facebook group with local users where you can sell your items. You can also organize a sale with your friends at someone’s home and have some fun together.

#6 Get Track of Your Spendings

I am in love with an app called Spendee. All my expenses and income come in there so I can simply track all my money in real time. Having multiple bank accounts and income from different sources can be challenging for keeping a track on. This app helps me have everything under control. I can also set up my monthly budget and get notified when I go over my limit in a certain category. For example, I don’t allow myself to spend more than €200 for takeaway food each month so this app will alway notify me when I spend more.

These are my top advice on saving up money, not only for traveling but in general. Do you have any other tips on how to save more money?


How to Save Money for Traveling

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