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los angeles price

Los Angeles: The Price Guide

I am starting this series on City Price Guides for cities I visited to help you better plan your budget. I try to calculate the average cost per day including accommodation, food, transportation and some...
Books that will inspire you to travel

Books That Will Inspire You to Travel

Long journeys and traveling require a good book. At home, there’s nothing like immersing yourself into a story of an unknown land. Travel books inspire us and make us to yearn for an adventure,...

15 Things To Do In Los Angeles

Have you ever wondered what there is to Los Angeles than celebrity spotting? There is much more than just the stars and the sand. Here are 15 things you have to do (or will...
kansas airport

Airport Story: Stuck in Kansas City

Here is a storytime about a journey of mine, that started as a lovely relaxed day in Kansas City and ended up in tears at the airport. It happened last summer when me and my...
versatile blogger award

The Versatile Blogger Award Nomination

When I started this blog in late January 2017 I’ve never imagined how much I would enjoy creating content about traveling, destinations and travel tips for you. And interacting with all the travel passionate...
prague old town square

10 Reason Why Prague Is the Coolest City to Visit

Prague is one of those cities on most people’s ‘to visit’ list and quite rightly so. The Czech capital is historical beauty with lot to offer, see and do. Prague’s charisma is irresistible. Are you...