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How to Explore Budapest on a Rainy Day

Things to do in Budapest on a Rainy Day

Every time I go to Budapest it is raining and every time I am leaving the sun comes out. This is why I am sharing with you mine go to places and tips to...

Amsterdam: The Price Guide

We are continuing with City Price Guides for Amsterdam. Find out what the average cost per day is, including accommodation, food, transportation and some other activities. Obviously, prices can differ, depending on your preferences and likes. ...

How to spend one day in Amsterdam

How to get the best out of one day in Amsterdam? I recently went for only 36 hours. If you want to know how to spend one day in this chilled and beautiful city...
prague old town square

10 Reason Why Prague Is the Coolest City to Visit

Prague is one of those cities on most people’s ‘to visit’ list and quite rightly so. The Czech capital is historical beauty with lot to offer, see and do. Prague’s charisma is irresistible. Are you...
london hostels

5 Top Hostels In London Under 30 Euro

A stay in London doesn’t have to be expensive. If you are looking for cheap place to stay, great location, comfort and meeting new people, there are plenty of nice hostels to choose from....

London Off the Beaten Path

The Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben.. these are some of the most popular places in London. The beautiful historical sites everyone wants to see while visiting the city. We are going to talk...