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How to Explore Budapest on a Rainy Day

Things to do in Budapest on a Rainy Day

Every time I go to Budapest it is raining and every time I am leaving the sun comes out. This is why I am sharing with you mine go to places and tips to...
How To Save Money for Traveling

How To Save Money For Traveling

A lot of travelers or people that simply travel a lot get this question: “How can you afford it?”. The answer is simple. You have to know few tricks on how to get cheap flights...
road trip

5 Days Southwest USA Road Trip

How to see and enjoy Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Las Vegas and Zion National Park on a five-day road trip going from Los Angeles and back? If you want to know how we did...
travel apps

The Best Travel Apps That You’ll Actually Use

There are about a zillion travel apps out there. It might get very confusing to choose the ones that will actually help you to make your trip better. Here are my favorite apps that...

Amsterdam: The Price Guide

We are continuing with City Price Guides for Amsterdam. Find out what the average cost per day is, including accommodation, food, transportation and some other activities. Obviously, prices can differ, depending on your preferences and likes. ...

How to spend one day in Amsterdam

How to get the best out of one day in Amsterdam? I recently went for only 36 hours. If you want to know how to spend one day in this chilled and beautiful city...