Amsterdam: The Price Guide

We are continuing with City Price Guides for Amsterdam. Find out what the average cost per day is, including accommodation, food, transportation and some other activities. Obviously, prices can differ, depending on your preferences and likes. 

I will be adding more cities here so keep an eye on the page for more 🙂

Average daily cost for visiting Amsterdam

Budget: €80

Mid-range €190


Average price per single bed in a shared room €50

Average price per private room/night with a double bed is €120 (€60 for 1 person)


  • The best way to get around Amsterdam is by public transport. On day travel pass costs €7.50
  • You can also rent a bike for around €10 a day
  • UberX single ride €5-€15
  • Or easily get around by walking


Average cost per food/day: €30 – €60

  • Breakfast: €7 – €14
  • Dinner: €12 – €25
  • Lunch: €8 – €18
  • Coffee: €2.50 – €3.50

Amsterdam has a great variety of restaurants and food to choose from. You can try the famous dutch cheese or their delicious cacao.


There is a lot of great museums in Amsterdam featuring the famous Dutch artists such as Vincent Van Gogh or Rembrandt Van Rijn. All beer lovers can also try the Heineken Experience to discover the history of this famous brewery.

  • Anne Frank House €9
  • Rijksmuseum €17.50
  • Van Gogh Museum €17
  • Heineken Experience €16
  • 75 minutes canal cruise €16


  • Beer: €2.80 – €6.50
  • Glass of wine €4.80
  • Cannabis (1 gram): €7.50 – €14

There wouldn’t be a proper day trip to Amsterdam without visiting the famous Red Light District that is not known only for prostitution. There are also many bars, clubs, coffee shops, sex shops and even sex museums located there.

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  • We were in Amsterdam last summer and decided to stay in Haarlem instead. Did not regret.
    Don’t get me wrong, Amsterdam is one of my favorite cities in the world, but the aggressive bike riders and the crowds of tourists…

    It was nice to get away from that and enjoy “mini Amsterdam” after a busy day in Amsterdam!