Airport Story: Stuck in Kansas City

Here is a storytime about a journey of mine, that started as a lovely relaxed day in Kansas City and ended up in tears at the airport.

It happened last summer when I and my boyfriend went to Kansas to visit friends. We stayed in a small city Manhattan for a few days and on our way back booked a night in Kansas City. Next day we explored the city, visited a great coffee roaster and café The Roasterie and had a lovely time by the Smithville Lake on a hot day.

the roasterie

Our plane was scheduled to leave at around 7 PM thus we had a plenty of time to return our car back to the car rentals office. Having a great day behind us we were expecting a calm journey back to L.A. that day. Upon our arrival at the airline’s desk to check in our luggage, we noticed a delayed sign. The lady behind the desk told us: “We are sorry, there is a huge storm in Dallas so your plane will be around two hours delayed.”

Okay no biggie, we had some time to buy a food and a coffee and to sit down and do some work on our computers.

All of sudden the sky outside turned black and it started pouring heavily. The Stormy and windy weather made me think about tornados for a moment, all and all we were in the Midwest. I thought to myself:  ‘Luckily they have tornado shelters at the airport so we will be fine.’

We were minding our business sitting in a waiting area. During that time I received 7(!) messages about the change of our departure time. A few minutes later a new message came saying our flight is canceled.

All the people from our flight started to form a queue to the airline’s desk. Nobody would tell us what to do, so people started gossiping. Other passengers said our plane arrived, but the crew had to rest because they would go over the work time limit requirements, that day.

When we finally approached the airline’s desk it was almost 11 pm. The staff was very unorganized, people were running around and nobody would tell us what happens next. So I booked a night in a motel not far from the airport. Finally, the lady at the desk booked a 5:30 am flight for us with another airline via Phoenix. I didn’t mind, I was tired and happy that we will fly tomorrow. Thankfully the motel had an airport shuttle that picked us up and we arrived at the hotel at midnight.


Just before we went to bed I checked the status for our tomorrow’s flight and it said it is 4 hours delayed! Great, now we will miss our connecting flight to Phoenix…

We were tired so we went to bed and woke up at 3:30 am to go back to the airport and solve our issue with the connecting flight. When we arrived at the airport there was chaos and a lot of people waiting at the desk. Plenty of canceled or delayed flights from the day before. Finally, we got to the end of the line and the airlines assistant booked another connecting flight for us from Phoenix.

We met a lot of familiar faces from last night. Again we sat down at the airport, had a coffee and food, and waited. It was around 5:30 am and our plane was scheduled to take off at 9:15 am now.

Finally, it was the time to go to the gate. We went through TSA, sat down and waited.

All of sudden the gate agent picked up his microphone: “Ehm, ladies and gentleman, I am sorry we can not board you now, the plane’s computer display is not working.”

Just great! At that time I was very exhausted. I had these negative thoughts that we should not leave Kansas City or something horrible is going to happen. And I started to weep. What a baby. 🙂

It took them another 45 minutes to fix the computer’s screen and we finally boarded and took off.

Luckily we also boarded the connecting plane in Phoenix. There were two other ladies that didn’t make it on the plane because the airline messed up and overbooked the plane’s seats. I felt for them.

We finally arrived in Los Angeles, but our journey didn’t end here. Our plan was to head for a road trip via Grand Canyon. The first stop on our road trip was Lake Havasu, Arizona. It would be dangerous to drive over 300 miles and we decided to stop in Barstow that was halfway through.

In Barstow, we had to choose from a very limited number of vacant motels. I found a pretty cheap one with quite a good reviews. We already lost money for our Airbnb that we didn’t show up to last night, because of the canceled flight.

Have you ever seen these movies with filthy motels where people take prostitutes, deal drugs or kill people? Well, the motel looked like just like that. Our room’s carpet had stains from who knows what. The bedsheet wasn’t the cleanest either but I was so tired that I didn’t care. I slept like a baby.

In the end, we survived to tell the story and it taught us a lot about canceled flights an airport mishaps.

Do you also have similar ‘horror’ story from airport or accommodation? Please share with us.

kansas city

photo credit: mine, pixabay

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