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April 2017

How to Explore Budapest on a Rainy Day

Things to do in Budapest on a Rainy Day

Every time I go to Budapest it is raining and every time I am leaving the sun comes out. This is why I am sharing with you mine go to places and tips to...
How To Save Money for Traveling

How To Save Money For Traveling

A lot of travelers or people that simply¬†travel a lot get this question: “How can you afford it?”. The answer is simple. You have to know few tricks on how to get cheap flights...
road trip

5 Days Southwest USA Road Trip

How to see and enjoy Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Las Vegas and Zion National Park on a five-day road trip going from Los Angeles and back? If you want to know how we did...
travel apps

The Best Travel Apps That You’ll Actually Use

There are about a zillion travel apps out there. It might get very confusing to choose the ones that will actually help you to make your trip better. Here are my favorite apps that...