10 Reason Why Prague Is the Coolest City to Visit

prague old town square

Prague is one of those cities on most people’s ‘to visit’ list and quite rightly so. The Czech capital is historical beauty with lot to offer, see and do. Prague’s charisma is irresistible.

Are you still wondering why you should go to Prague? Here is top ten reason, why I believe Prague is the coolest city to visit.

#1 Prague is in the heart of Europe

Prague dwells in the middle of Europe so it’s very easy to get there from any European corner, Western or Eastern. No matter whether your transport of choice is plane, train, bus or car.

#2 Beer is cheaper than a water

I know it sounds crazy but it is indeed the truth! The price per beer / per litre is actually cheaper than if you buy a water in a restaurant. The whole Czech Republic is famous for its great beer. And even if a beer is not your drink of choice you should definitely try drinking some while visiting Prague.

prague old town square

#3 Lot of outdoor activities

Stromovka, Vitkov, Hvezda and more great parks where you can have a picnic, walk a dog or go running. Moreover in the summer the city gets populated with a lot of outdoor cinemas, dancing spots, outdoor cafes and beer gardens. Go out and watch your favourite film, dance under the stars or enjoy your drink in a park or by the river Vltava.

#4 People in Prague are sport crazy

A lot of Czech people loves riding a bike or go running. Prague was build on hills which means good exercise for you legs. If you don’t fancy a cardio, take a break and stretch your body at a yoga lesson.

prague old town square

#5 The public transport is modern and cheap

Prague has very modern and cheap public transport that will take you almost anywhere. The metro has three lines that covers most of the central places. There is a great network of bus and tram lanes and a lot of the main roads are in use 24/7. One day adult ticket costs you only 4 EUR (110 CZK). Check your connections and prices here.

prague streets

#6 The city that never sleeps

There is something to do at any time of a day or night. From cultural activities, to public transport, to having something to eat, to shopping. Not like a lot of other European countries, shops in Prague are open on Sundays, and some of them even 24/7.

#7 Prague is very artsy

The city is one of the cultural centres of Europe. There are hundreds of concert halls, galleries, music clubs and galleries in the city. You can do a fun thing every day. Check this page for cultural events.

Most of all I love Franz Kafka, the Prague born writer. You can visit a gallery dedicated to him. Franz Kafka cafe or you can check this amazingly weird sculpture of his by Czech artist David Cerny.

#8 It has lot of cool hidden gems

You can get easily lost in Prague’s narrow streets or in one of the cool passages connecting the streets. The passages are usually populated with shops, cafes or displayed art pieces. You can also find a little Eiffel Tower in Prague. Just look left from the Prague Castle at Petrin hill and you can see the Petrin Lookout Tower that was build as a loose copy inspired by the Eiffel Tower (at a ratio of 1:5).

prague passage

#9 It’s the 5th most visited city in Europe

According to Euromonitor research, Prague rankend no.5 amongst the most visited cities in Europe (after London, Paris, Istanbul and Rome). Therefore it means other people think it’s cool too! 🙂

#10 Prague is simply beautiful

If this all wasn’t enough Prague has a rare combination of natural and architectural beauty. It was build on seven hills that rise from the river Vltava basin. Relatively well preserved architecture did not suffer extensive bombing during WWII such as other cities in Central Europe. In addition in the inner core of the city, there was no extensive re-building. Prague is mixture of Gothic architecture, some Renaissance palaces, and lot of baroque churches, palaces, and townhomes from the early seventeenth century.

These are the main reason why I love Prague! Have you ever been there or is the city on your bucket list? Do you have other favourite aspects you love about Prague? Let me know in the comments!

10 reason why prague is the coolest city to visit 10 reason why prague is the coolest city to visit 

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Blog Comments

Totally agree with your points and like the “beer is cheaper than water” one. Prague really is beautiful and one of my favourite cities in the world!

Mike, I am glad you love Prague. It’s very chilled city and the beer culture is huge 😀

It’s always wanted to visit Prague and if beer is cheaper than water…! I know I would love it haha

Haha yeah you would love it, but the days after can be hard 😀

I was in Prague two years back and absolutely loved the city. One of the reasons I miss is the great food. It’s not just beer that is great. I had some delicious local food.

I have to say I am not the biggest fan of Czech cuisine, for me it’s very heavy. Although I love roast duck! 🙂

Your photos are gorgeous. I love them!

Thank you so much Victoria! 🙂

Lovely post and stunning captures! Your fotos got my eye on instagram already earlier this week! well done!

I love Prague too! It’s hard not to love a place that’s visually beautiful and serves great cheap beer! Nice article

The whole world is love with Prague. And its not surprising why. Your photographs are beautiful and make me yearn to go back one more time.

Thank you so much! You should definitely go back to Prague soon 🙂

I remember seeing the clock, the tower and the castle and having a good night out there. Must go back to see the rest though.

I always wanted to visit Prague! It somehow never happens for me when I go to Europe. Will have to make it priority next time!

I’ve wanted to visit Prague forever! This post only made me more sure that I’ll make it there one day 🙂

Great review of Prague! Is there a particular style of beer they specialize in? I’ve never been but would definitely like to go some time and check it out! It looks a bit similar to Zurich

Thank you Krista 🙂 They mainly specialize in pale lagers and pilsner type beer (that was invented in Pilsen, Czech Republic).

Prague looks amazing! I’d love to go see all the artsy things and just wander around to take pictures, which I love in here by the way!

You had me at art, running routes, and beer 🙂

Prague has been on my list for years. My friend went years ago. I hope to visit sooner than later.definitely will save this for things to see. cool pics 🙂

Beautiful photos! I loved visiting Prague, too! Such a magical city.

Love your list and totally agree! Prague was the first place I travelled solo and it was the perfect place to start 🙂

Thank you 🙂 I think Prague is very easy for travellers and everyone finds something to love about the city.

Beer that’s cheaper than water and all the outdoor activities?! Sign me up!!

Prague is definitely on my bucket list!

Absolutely stunning photos!!!

I’ve met few travelers before in Sri Lanka from Czech Republic and they said, Czechs love to drink… No wonder coz as this post said, they produce great bears 🙂 Would to visit Prague soon…

Praga sounda amazing, I love the architecture, everything is so full of details. It really sounds fun!!

Gosh, is this coincidence or what. I just read another post on Prague and I mentioned that every post of it is screaming out in my ear – Go and book your tickets now. It is a lovely mix of adventure, heritage and nature.

Yes your are right – a great mix of adventure, heritage and nature. You should follow your guts and buy the ticket now 🙂

I want to go to Prague so badly, and your photos are only adding fuel to the fire! Someday soon hopefully.

Prague does seem like a super cool city. Good to know that Prague is such a popular city to visit and that transportation is cheap. And how funny that beer is cheaper than water! The Czechs love their beer!

Never been to Prague but it’s on my bucket list. I’m fascinated by the beautiful Neo-Gothic architectures of the Prague. Glad to know the amazing reasons why every traveler is fond of Prague!

I am reading so much on Prague these days. Guess it’s my signal to go there. Thanks for sharing this. It has fueled my wanderlust even more 🙂

You should definitely go! Prague is the most beautiful during spring 🙂

Prague is definitely a city we go back to all the time! Wonderful people, art and culture, pubs and great food! Next time pay a visit to Black Magic Theatre! You’ll love it! And Beer museum pub! 😀 Cheers!


Wow great article. I went to prague years ago but missed half of these things. Great pics too 😊

I didn’t know Prague was the 5th most visited city in Europe. I guess with it’s cheap beer and transport it is a must! I visited a few years ago and after reading this, I have the desire to go back!

I agree, Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Although I left it, I still love to come back from time to time. I miss this city now… thanks for sharing and the pictures brought back some old memories 😉

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